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Last Updated 31-Mar-2002

Line news March 2002

• (30-Mar-02): NALW release their third Genesis pack, a set of P32ac locos, (10Mb, 28-Mar-02). Click here for installation tips.

• (29-Mar-02): Info about ENGine, CabView Files, and SMS sound files posted. Click here.

• (28-Mar-02): NALW have done it again! A full set of Genesis P40 & P42 locos (in Amtrak liveries, with custom sounds, cabs & physics) available for download: & (15.7Mb, 3.4Mb respectively; gen_pak2 requires gen_pak1). From Note the "readme" instructions to remove any earlier P42/P40/AMD103 installs but don't delete any consists. After installing the gen_paks, use ConBuilder to check your consists and replace any missing locos. Click here for a page of tips so you're sure of what's going on.

• (27-Mar-02): Work has started on the Trans-Siberian route. For the latest news on this route, visit the MSTS Russian site.

• (26-Mar-02): Peter Harvey continues to produce his well-designed LNER steam locos: LNER B1 Mayflower From

• (26-Mar-02): "Silver Streak" locos & passenger car set:, & (based on Train Artisan's F-locos & passenger cars). This "Silver Streak" set is based on the Gene Wilder film by the same name.

• (24-Mar-02): Featured downloads from (22-Mar-02, 1.04Mb) to make the default SD40 driveable (this download also fixes some problems); ENGine updates for the A4 Pacific Commonwealth of Australia; a couple of activities for Marias Pass & NEC. Coming soon: a page describing engine, cabview and sound files (i.e., ENG, CVF, SMS files).

• (20-Mar-02): A page describing various MSTS tools has been added. Featured downloads from in the last couple of days include: a set of 12 PA Alco locos in various New Haven liveries (cabviews and sounds included) by NALW (, 10.4Mb), a range of SD70MACs and SD40s in Texas Western livery (e.g.,,

• (17-Mar-02): Updated versions of Conbuilder (version 1.4.9, and Activity Changer (version 1.1, now available for download at Note ConBuilder now checks that a loco's ENGine file has consistent names for the folder name and WAGON name in the ENG file - you'll be told if not (simply edit the offending ENG file with WordPad to fix the problem).

• (15-Mar-02): Files to download to make a cab for the UP DD40X; short descriptions (at present) and files for various extra routes. A recommended download: the SNCF (French railways) BB12000 (, 09-Mar-02, 4.4Mb) for its unique, worn-out cab and its views (using the arrow keys).

• (14-Mar-02): webWiz has got the F40s running! After downloading the set, remember to download the F40 Set 1 Patch (to fix some sound problems). Ear plugs not supplied!

• (12-Mar-02): NALW's F40 Amtrak Phase III #306, #309 loco set available for download at An F40PH engineer remembers what they were like to drive - read more here.

• (10-Mar-02): North America Locomotive Works are promising the release of a mega package of 14 or so Genesis locos. Club Trains Miniature's Budd RDC set will soon be available; there are screenshots at

• (09-Mar-02): Now there's a page to help you with activities - some guidelines and how to use ConBuilder to check you've got all the necessary rolling stock. And Gaetan Belanger has released his excellently rendered VIA F40PH loco (with cabview and sounds) at For installation instructions, click here or use the menu on the right under Installing extra rolling stock.

• (05-Mar-02): Added a page about using Carlos Gomes' ConBuilder tool (You've downloaded and installed it? It's a must-have tool to help you get the best out of MSTS.

• (05-Mar-02): At, features of the past couple of days have been the availability of a set of PRR 1949 Broadway Cars and the extremely favourable comments about the imaginative SeaView Route (unfortunately, at 27Mb size, it's not readily available if you've only got a dialup connection...sigh).

• (04-Mar-02): More pages have been posted here, particularly a list of excellent downloads from Use the navigation list on the right.

• (03-Mar-02): Dekosoft Trains have released demo versions of the SD45T-2 "tunnel" loco. The Southern Pacific version has custom sounds.

• (02-Mar-02): To take away some of the mystery of "aliasing", webWiz has described what's involved by aliasing the SD60M loco. Another couple of examples will follow, probably the Amtrak Genesis and the SD90MAC.

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