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Last Updated 10-Apr-2002

Installing tips

At Essex, from the cab of one of VIA's restored F7s. Looking over the top of the speedo, you can see the roof of the famous Izaak Walton Inn.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, installation instructions for extra rolling stock (particularly locomotives) may not be clear or there could be a couple of tricks involved.

This page will help to clarify such situations so you're not prevented from enjoying all the free MSTS add-ons that so many creative people keep making available to us all.

Help list

Having been given a clear signal, our Acela Express builds up speed as it leaves the Washington station.

This is the list of locos for which you'll find some helpful installation instructions, apart from those provided by the original author in the "readme" file:

  • VIA F40PH-2D from Club Train Miniature - click here for installation help
  • Genesis Pack from NALW - click here for installation help

Helpful notes to install the following will be written up as soon as possible:

  • E60C locos (Amtrak and others).
  • VIA F45PH (, 14-Jan-01, 1.0Mb - a useful exercise because it shows up some little tricks to make sure MSTS doesn't get confused when there are locos of similar names.
  • GG1 Mega download (, 28-Jan-02, 13.6Mb - a note on overcoming the problem with the "rogue" consist that's installed and gives MSTS a hiccup when it starts and can't find various rolling stock.