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Last Updated 22-Sep-2002

LGV Med V1.1

TGV Reseau stands at Marseille St. Charles. Platforms at Marseille station have been lengthened.

Changed speed limits

The trip through the Marseilles suburbs is now quicker. This sign is just around the bend from Marseille station where previously the speed limit was 60 kmh.

TVG speed

TVG train speeds now begin in the Tunnel de Marseille.

TVM430 cab signalling

Indication that in-cab signalling is about to start. This sign is situated in the Tunnel de Marseille.

Yard signal clear

The new yard signals. White is a clear so we can move our BB12000 away from the Blancarde depot.

Yard signal blocked

We now own the section so further movement is blocked by a purple aspect.

Station approach

Approaches to Aix-en-Provence and Avignon TGV stations now have 80 kmh speed limits.

Platform stop 1

Stopping point for normal length trains is marked on the platform by a TGV 1 sign.

Platform stop 2

The TGV 2 sign indicates the stopping point for a double-length train or 18-car Eurostar set.

Roquemaure track construction

Line construction continues at Roquemaure.

St. Louis loco shed

Loco shed on St. Louis Voie G2.

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