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Last Updated 06-Oct-2002


Tramways are gaining favour in many cities.

Whether or not MS/Kuju envisaged Train Simulator to incorporate tramways is not worth arguing about - creative route and rolling stock developers have given us many free tramways and trams to drive. This page describes two such tramways webTrainSim is enjoying. Further down the page is a short list of tram models, tram sounds and cabview.

Modern City Tramway

Tram travellers enjoy the comforts of modern tram travel while buses clog the city's thoroughfares.

Modern City Tramway mctv1.zip (12Mb, 16-Aug-02) is available from the Train-Sim.com file library. Installation is straight forward and after the author's files are copied, a batch file is run to copy other files from the default routes. Installation is concluded by copying the Japan1 route Envfiles folder.

A pleasing aspect of MCT is that in Explore mode there is plenty of traffic - buses, cars, trucks - around the city streets even if your tram is the only one!

There is an activity, Modern City Morning for MCT from UK Trainsim but it failed with an error for webTrainSim.

Update 22-Sep-02: Some sound problems and other general problems are fixed in mctv1_1.zip (594kb, 22-Sep-02) (available from the Train-Sim.com file library).

Update 06-Oct-02: MCT green and blue trams mctngt8d.zip (2Mb, 02-Oct-02) (available from the Train-Sim.com file library).

Number One Tramway

The circus is in town! On a our way to Crazy Mountain.

Number One Tram Route not_v1.zip (8.6Mb, 21-Aug-02) is available from the Train-Sim.com file library. Installation, as given in the author's Readme, involves copying various folders from the default routes. After a test run, webTrainSim used Route Riter to get rid of any surplus files as a result of the folder copying process.

Once you've got the route installed, begin your first drive from the Stadium. This experience lets you see how imaginative the route is.

Also from the Train-Sim.com file library you'll want to download the Number One Tramway set of 8 trams in appropriate liveries not_pack.zip (5.3Mb, 21-Aug-02).

Trams, cabs, sounds

From our T4D cab, evening is falling on Number One Tramway.

At the Train-Sim.com file library, you'll find:

  • Blackpool tram #621 (v2.1): bt621sd.zip (532kb, 09-Aug-02)
  • Blackpool tram #632: bt632sd.zip (375kb, 06-Aug-02)
  • MCT green and blue T8D trams: mctngt8d.zip (2Mb, 02-Oct-02)
  • Number One Tramway 8-tram pack: not_pack.zip (5.3Mb, 21-Aug-02)

Do a search at Train-Sim.com and UK Trainsim for more Blackpool trams that aren't listed here.

At Tramworld (www.tramworld.de) you'll find:

  • T4D cabview (by Magdeburger, on the Zubehor page): t4dcab.zip (823kb, 06-Jul-02)
  • T4D sounds (by Frederic, on the Zubehor page): t4dsound.zip (1.6Mb, 16-Jun-02)
  • T4D beta sounds (on the Zubehor page): t4d_sound_beta.zip (1.1Mb, 12-Aug-02)

The Tram, S-bahn and U-bahn pages at Tramworld also have a number of different tram and light rail vehicles.

Other sites worth visiting include:

Op Docs