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Last Updated 23-Aug-2002

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+ Hints & tips

  • Driving & signalling
    You'll see that diesel-electric locos have a throttle that works in notches...
  • Activities
    Rule 1: install one activity at a time and check if Train Sim still runs...
  • Missing ENG files
    You'll know if you've got a rogue loco or wagon (passenger or freight) in a consist when Train Sim informs you...
  • Missing Cabview files
    You'll know if your loco hasn't a cabview - either Train Sim will tell you it couldn't find one when you choose a particular loco to drive, or you'll have a strange view of the track ahead!
  • Aliasing
    Aliasing is a method devised particularly by Chuck Schneider of NALW to eliminate the need to continually copy the same cabview and sound folders...
  • Activity editor
    The Activity Editor is a tool that's installed as part of a normal Train Sim installation.

+ UP DDA40X cab

  • Files to install
    Firstly, you'll need to have downloaded Auran's free demo...
  • Installing
    We don't need to worry about the early ENG, CVF and sounds...
  • Getting it all to work
    The only task remaining is to edit the DDA40X ENGine file to tell it where its cabview is...

+ Installing extra locos

+ Installing extra routes

  • LGV Med
    Installation is straight forward, except the batch file may not create the route's Sound sub-folder...

+ ENG, CVF & SMS files

+ Sounds development

  • Intro
    This page gives you a look at some of the theory behind the way in which MSTS controls the sounds...
  • APSEL algorithm
    Below is the text of Trevithick's post to the Sound Developers' Forum...
  • Algorithm
    Most electric engines for MSTS use SMS files directly derived from the ACELA engines...
  • Example HHP8eng.SMS streams
    The Skip command denotes a comment line or sectionblah...

+ Field of view

  • Intro
    These are a few ideas on changing your field of view...
  • What's FOV?
    Those familiar with the way in which different focus lengths of cameras...
  • Suggested changes
    The view from the cab is more natural and the coupler view is wide-angled...

+ Small fixes 1

+ Small fixes 2

Easing UP C40-8W #9436 into Belton (West Glacier).

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